Exhibited @Gwangju Design Biennale 2021
"SunLight" is a pair of eye-glasses able to protect from the sun in the day while lighting you up as a star in the night.
The concept merge together two opposite literal interpretations of the ambiguous term "sun-glasses", creating an eyewear equipped with dark lenses which block sunlight (=anti-sun glasses), and LEDs which, instead, produce light in the dark (=pro-sun glasses).
SunLight are digitally fabricated and totally customizable:
laser-cut acrylic sheets are jointed with an elastic rope that let adjusting the fitting size while securing them even in extreme dancing-partying situations. Battery and microcontroller are hidden on the sides, whilst the electric wires become a graphic decoration inside the transparent layers. Finally, the LEDs games are customizable with Arduino so that everyone can find their own personal rhythm for shining.

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