Research Project
The project investigates how lenticular lenses could deform and distort different types of supports. Starting from the common use of the lenticular effect in images, where, when moved, they can reveal either two different images, the research wants to push beyond the simply regular shift of left-right images, towards a more distorted and unpredictable results, obtainable by deforming not only the graphic beneath, but also by deforming the lens in itself.
 In order to investigate the working principles, optical corrected resin lenses have been digitally fabricated as it follows:
1*  Designed parametric 3d models respecting the optical formulas.
2*  3d printed the shape in ABS material.
3*  Cured with acetone by vapor smoothing to obtain a polished surface.
4*  Casted the smooth piece with silicon.
5*  Molded the lens with clear epoxy resin.

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