Analogic VJ set
Exhibited @Gwangju Design Biennale 2021
‘Analogic VJ Set’ is a turntable-inspired machine for creating analogic illusions and optical effects.
The project synesthetically dubs the use of turntable, by shifting its focus from the hearing sense to the visual perception: sounds, melodies, and rhythms become colors, signs and patterns, all recorded on acrylic disks to choose, combine and remix for unpredictable tangible visuals.
Music vinyls are substituted with "pattern disks" that can be collected and mixed together. But while music turntable have a fixed rotation-pivot, this visual turntable has a movable pivot system inspired by spirographic machines. This peculiarity allows the user to generate further visual variations.
The optical illusions obtained by remixing these type of patterns, not only engage the human brain on an intersection between logical and irrational, but they also possess calming and mindfulness qualities, captivating the sight and bringing humans’ focus back on the present moment.

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